Our Youth Social Development Programs help young people grow into
self-sufficient adults.

For Everyone

Our Teen Leadership and Youth Leadership Clubs seek to enhance leadership skills among participants.

Our Teen Talk program is a vehicle for adults to learn and understand the thought process of the participants while allowing teens to share their interests, strengths and concerns.

All of our Youth Social Development Programs have a secondary focus on promoting post-secondary education, career development, AODA prevention, pregnancy prevention that includes the Personal Responsibility and Education Program ("PREP"), and building healthy relationships.

The programs meet at least once a week throughout the year. The Silver Spring Neighborhood Center staff seeks to develop and maintain healthy relationships with participants that will keep them engaged in SSNC programs through their high school graduation.


For Young Men

Our MALE (Maturing And Loving Everyone) program seeks to eliminate violent behaviors among its participants.

For Young Women

Out LADY (Loving And Developing Yourselves) program seeks to eliminate teen pregnancies by engaging youth in activities that promote self-esteem and self-worth.

Opportunity Youth Program

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center is excited to partner with Carmen Schools of Science and Technology to pilot the new Opportunity Youth Program in our neighborhood.

The program targets individuals 16 - 24 years old who are not in school and not employed.

People who participate in the new program will be connected to both educational and employment resources. Housing the Opportunity Youth Program here at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center will allow us to bring these much-needed resources to our neighborhood.

For more information email us at oppyouth@ssnc-milw.org


Everyone deserves a
sporting chance

“Physical activity, and sports, in particular, can positively affect aspects of personal development among young people, such as self-esteem, goalsetting, and leadership.”

Our Silver Spring Neighborhood Center Sports Programs take a holistic approach to strengthening the person, assisting the student and developing the athlete.

SSNC impacts more than 250 disadvantaged youth through our elite Basketball program. Both programs are Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) sanctioned.

Our middle and high school student-athletes are required to take part in our Youth Program. The program includes academic, social development programs, which consist of social and character building programs. Prevention programs, which includes pregnancy and ATODA (Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Addition) prevention as well as violence prevention. The athletes participate in year-round workouts and competitive basketball games.

Additionally, each athlete is expected to maintain his or her individualized minimum grade point average – all are set above the MPS’ minimum GPA to participate in sports and recreation. Students also participate in community service projects like community clean ups, Play in the Park, Urban Ecology, Milwaukee Rescue Mission and more.







Our sports programs
have been a major win
for our teens

By using a holistic approach with our athletes, our students have achieved some amazing results like:

  • To date, 36 of the 40 graduates have attended college on scholarships;
  • Over the past three years, our athletes have earned more than $3.5 million in athletic scholarships;
  • Additionally, six of our athletes have gone on to play professionally—two in the NBA and four overseas.

Our Daily Schedule of Programs

Monday – Friday 4-5pm
Homework help in the Teen Computer Lab; youth can utilize computers to complete homework, receive assistance from staff, or participate in our media club.

Monday – Friday 6-7pm
Middle and high school youth; these programs operate on a September – August calendar. Each month there is a new focus area.

Monday: 7pm - 8pm
Fashion Club with Ms. Darla Honeycutt where teens will get a chance to design their own clothes!

Monday & Wednesday: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
The Milwaukee Rep will host an Arts programming that will focus on community heroes. With a big production to follow at the end of the program.

Monday & Wednesday: 6pm - 7pm
L.A.D.Y. and M.A.L.E. Social Development group that assist teen girls and boys for ages 12-19 years old

Tuesday: 6pm - 7pm
Teen Talk and Life Skills Real conversations about real issues the teens face in our society

Thursday: 6pm - 7pm
Teen Leadership Club meetings

Kids receive a light snack and a hot meal during the 6pm programming slot.