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SSNC's Hero of the Week! (6/4/21)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2021-06-04 12:51:40

Today's HERO(es) OF THE WEEK is a joint partnership who we want to give a shout out to!

Today we want to thank both the City of Milwaukee Health Department and the United Methodist Children's Services for all they're doing providing vaccinations to the community!

If you're unfamiliar with UMCS, they offer a lot of similar community wide services we do for a neighboring community, Washington Heights.

From affordable housing to community engagement, they do a myriad of incredible things!

Partnered with the Milwaukee Health Department they are now offering COVID-19 vaccines to residents... and they don't even need appointments!

Every Wednesday from Noon until 4:00PM at the UMCS food pantry.

Partnerships like this are vital to the healthcare of our community. With an emphasis on accessibility and convenience, we are so grateful that organizations like these two work tirelessly for the greater good of Milwaukee's health.

That's why...

UMCS and the Milwaukee Health Department are our...


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