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Hero of the Week 7/9/21 (The Milwaukee Bucks)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2021-07-09 14:53:03

These HERO(es) OF THE WEEK are on track to also be champions! That's right, this week we want to wish the best to our incredible partners at the Milwaukee Bucks on their Title Quest!

The entire community is buzzing over this incredible run!

But here in Westlawn Gardens, Northwest Milwaukee, and the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, the Milwaukee Bucks have always been heroes on and off the court.

Along with other wonderful collaborators, the Bucks have been a pivotal piece in the Westlawn Gardens transformation over the last decade or so.

When drastic neighborhood changes were needed the Bucks were one of those who answered the call. Our entertainment complex gives kids a safe place to play, connect with the community, have educational programming, and so much more!

An unprecedented project, only possible through partners like the Milwaukee Bucks

There is still work to be done in Westlawn Gardens but the decades long plan is getting so close!

This has been a project that focused on sustainable living, youth programming, wrap around services, recreational options, and more. Without partners like the Bucks, none of this would have been possible!

For being the best, most fun team in the NBA... For being leaders on and off the court... For their long term commitment to improving the city they represent... For all the wonderful Bucks players, employees, foundation staff, and fans...

The Milwaukee Bucks have always been heroes and soon they will be


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