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Hero of the Week! (5.15.20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-05-15 13:47:49




We have a couple heroes for you today!


This is Sumana Chattopadhyay, associate professor at Marquette University


Below her are a few students from a class she teaches, Digital Campaign Strategies. From left to right they are Chris Cranston, Marisa Riemer, Meghan Donahue, and Elena Brambila.


A few months ago, we at the SSNC got a random call from Sumana asking about our organization. She explained who she was and the class she was teaching at Marquette.


The Digital Campaign Strategies class is meant to help students learn practical skills to run campaigns and marketing for a non-profit like ours. Sumana had taught this theoretically before but wanted students to be tangibly work with an organization this time.


For the last semester, these students have been helping us with a variety of work! Assisting with things like graphic design, social media, or input on our "We Need a Hero" campaign, these students have been a huge asset!


It's a great reminder that if you're interested in supporting the SSNC with your talents or time, there are a variety of ways. Certain skills, knowledge, or donating time can be incredibly helpful!


We want to thank Sumana for reaching out to us and her students for putting in such a great effort to help our community. We know they have big things ahead of them and we're so grateful for the time they spent with us at the SSNC!


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