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Hero of the Week! (5.1.20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-05-01 14:07:55

It's time for the SSNC...



Every Friday, we at the SSNC like to highlight some of the amazing things happening in our community of success.


This is Rachell Peace, Emergency Services Manager at the SSNC.


While she is the "Hero of the Week", she really should be the "Hero of 2020"


Rachell is the person who coordinates the logistics of our food pantry.


In a normal year? This is an incredible undertaking. This year? It's been a gauntlet and we want to take a moment to share what an amazing job shes done.


Rachell joined the SSNC team in February of 2019. She was raised in Milwaukee and has many personal connections to Northwest Milwaukee. Her goal was to learn the ropes of a food pantry so she could open her own someday.


By July of 2019 she was the manager's assistant and in January of this year she took over the food pantry. (what timing!)


Rachell stepped up to the plate when an entire community needed it most.


Unfortunately a few other food pantry's have closed, meaning she's seen an increase in workload while having far more obstacles. Social distancing, keeping things sanitized, being short staffed, changing routines and operations... These were problems she was immediately faced with and yet she has kept everything on track.


We at the SSNC, and those in our community of success, are incredibly lucky to have Rachell. She has been the steady hand keeping the food pantry running, fighting food insecurity throughout Northwest Milwaukee.


When asked what she wanted share about the last couple weeks she simply wanted to extend her thanks. Thanks to the donors. Thanks to the volunteers. Thanks to her team. Thanks to the community. Every contribution or act of support has been helpful.


For being a leader in these unprecedented times, we salute you Rachell. Our community has been safer, healthier, and better off because of your hard work. The food pantry serves thousands of individuals and families a year and it's only possible with people like Rachell. We can't thank you enough and this is only a sliver of the gratitude you deserve.


That's why she is our...








This is the last day of the "We Need A Hero" campaign! We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has donated, shared, or supported our crowdfunding efforts. We are beyond appreciative and are excited to share the results next week. Let's make one final push today!


If you're interested in supporting us during these uncertain times, specifically our food pantry, please consider donating or sharing!




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