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Hero of the Week 1/22/21 (Branden Joseph)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2021-01-22 15:23:12

Today's hero is long overdue and a triple threat in regards to what he does for our community!

If you're unfamiliar with him, we wanted to share a little bit about Branden Joseph 

Branden is the Dean of Students at Carmen Northwest High School, Head Coach of the Boys Basketball Program, and Co-Founder of Premier Athletic Training & Mentoring Services


Growing up in the city of Milwaukee at the age of 8 years old he was recruited to be a participant  of the Running Rebels Community Organization. He initially thought it was simply about basketball but soon realized how sports can be used to implement life skills!

He ended up getting a scholarship to play NCAA level ball and earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Central State University in Ohio. He loved sports but had a burning desire to give back to the city he was raised in!


He started by being a gym teacher at Destiny High School where he ended up winning the WIAA State Boys Championship in 2017!

Through his tenure there he also established Premier Athletic Training Services with his friend Aaron Smith, which focused on bridging the gap between athletics and the social/emotional wellbeing of student athletes in the community


Now at Carmen Northwest High School, a wonderful partner of ours, he established a mentoring and event organization to create opportunities for both teens and young adults! 

In 2020, working with the SSNC, he launched a podcast called Premier Take 5 where they offer a safe space for student athletes to come share their stories. There's videography, media education, and an audio visual component for the podcast!


We at the SSNC pride ourselves on our educational programming but understand the incredible value of sports being utilized to engage youth! Branden has been a mentor, a leader, a friend, and an inspiration to our community.

We are so excited to see what else he has in store next and are honored to work with such a force!

That's why he is our...


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