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What is a life well lived?

Posted by Tom Ellis - 2017-12-04 20:13:18

I have been the Executive Director of Silver Spring Neighborhood for almost a year and a half.  


Ex-Fabula asked me to tell a story, it's about five minutes, about one of the young lives that come every day to Silver Spring Neighborhood Center.   A five minute story about one of our young boys is followed by an interview that took about 20 minutes.  


What is a life well lived?  I now work with amazing people who care about others and are doing something about it ... people who have very little, but will pool their money to buy shoes for a child who has none, buy food for people that are hungry, or give their last $200 to someone who is homeless and sick.  Real stories.


I am learning and I am growing.  And I want my life to matter and giving to a community like this makes a lot of sense to me.  For those of you doing the same, I hope you will find the following meaningful ... and thank you.  It is fine if you don't have time to listen, but I encourage you to do something for yourself, by doing something for others.

Just click on this link to listen to go to the United Way page where you can find the podcast: