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Hero of the Week 8/28/20 (Jessica Goodman Schutz)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-08-28 14:35:43

This is Jessica Goodman Schutz, School Social Worker at Browning Elementary. Jessica has been doing social work for almost 25 years and has helped countless children in and out of our community!

If you're unfamiliar with Browning, it's an elementary school for ages K through 5 that we actually share the building with! Many of the youths in our programming are Browning students. There are so many fantastic partnerships and programs we collaborate with Browning on, we're truly blessed!  

Jessica places a pivotal role in our community. Not only does she help kids, but also the parents and families. Unfortunately many folks she works with are struggling with issues of systemic inequality.  

Issues such as homelessness, lack of supportive resources, lack of transportation, housing instability, food insecurity... these are tragically far too common in our community. This can sometimes lead to behavioral issues with the children or emotional dysregulation.  

Every day, Jessica holds social and emotional learning groups. She goes into the classrooms and helps kids who may be struggling with those issues cope and connect them with supportive resources.

She takes pride in making her office a warm and supportive place. Where kids can express whatever they need and she will value what they say.  

We want to commend Jessica for the incredible work she does in our community. It's not an easy job and we know her passion is what guides her. She has touched countless lives throughout the years and we're so thankful to have her here!

That's why she is our...


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