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Hero of the Week! 7/31/20

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-07-31 16:17:49


This is Latrice Williams, case manager for the adult employment program here at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center. Latrice is one of our favorite success stories as she not only works for the community... she comes from the community!
Latrice was raised in the "old Westlawn" as she calls it, over on 61st and Sheridan.

You might recognize her brother, Tony Williams, former Hero of the Week and staple of the community!

Tony connected her with with our adult employment program in 2018 and she began doing the Transform Milwaukee Jobs Program.

If you're unfamiliar with the program, TMJP is a subsidized job program. We help folks get subsidized jobs or training that may make them further employable. The program works with local community businesses for subsidized work up to 6 months with the goal of permanent occupation.

The program is for ages 18-64 and not receiving W-2 benefits or unemployment benefits. If the participants are 24+, they must have a child under 18. For the full criteria of eligibility or how to sign up, please contact our program director, Carla Lathan, at:

(414) 463-7950 x17
A mother of two and formerly working in the manufacturing world, Latrice needed a fresh start. As she went through the program, she started to assist the SSNC staff and quickly became invaluable.

When her subsidized period was coming to close, it started to become abundantly clear how much she brought to the table. A once temporary employee became a permanent case manager here at the SSNC and hasn't stopped helping others since!
When asked about the job, all she can say is she loves it. She foresees this as her career and is passionate about how she can help employ people who have been out of work for so long.

Her experiences have fueled her passion to support those who need a helping hand and we think that's truly special.
We want to thank Latrice for sharing her journey and representing what hard work can accomplish. When asked what she would like to share to current program participants she replied:

"You have to start somewhere. If you stay with it and stick with it, it will pay off."

She's proud of where she is but also where she came from and so are we!

That's why she is our...


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