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Hero of the Week (7/24/20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-07-24 14:34:22


We are truly delighted to share the following heroes today. The following are a few stories from our Opportunity Youth Program, all of whom we are incredibly proud!


If you're unfamiliar with the term "Opportunity Youth", it refers to 16-24 year olds who are out of school and out of work. Our program helps support their professional development and puts them on the pathway to sustainable career opportunities. According to Milwaukee Succeeds, there is approximately 16,300 Opportunity Youth in the City of Milwaukee. There's almost 4.6 million in the US, that's about 1 in 9 youths... Of the approximately 16,300 in Milwaukee, about 3,500 reside in the Silver Spring/Havenswood community. Because there are so few resources available to assist their unique needs, this segment of the population is at risk of being further marginalized.


We have an intensive coaching and case management aspect of our program that focuses on identifying resources that address housing barriers, transportation barriers, as well as physical and mental health barriers. We now would like to share a few stories of those who are succeeding despite the obstacles!


This is Kaine Creswell and Erica Theppanya, year two cohorts.They have benefited from the Case-Management and Financial Literacy trainings offered through our ReEngaement program.


With solid money management and a financial portfolio established during the program, they will be moving into their new home this October! Since the start of the program, Kaine specifically has developed an interest in stock investing and trading while working full time as a Peer Connector for the Opportunity Youth Program. Congrats to the happy couple!


This is Ariana Phelps, a year one participant, who was accepted into MATC's Nursing Program! During her participation in the program, she successfully completed Individualized coaching sessions and received assistance with enrolling in school, registering for fall classes, and securing financial aid in the form of Scholarships. Congratulations to our future Nurse!


This is Wayneisha Walker featured in a photo taken this past April where she voted for the first time! Since joining the program, Wayneisha has jump started her career in the Health Service Industry.


In addition, she is an active participant in the soon-to-be launched Opportunity Youth podcast, and has secured housing through the Case-Management support offered through SSNC's Opportunity Youth ReEngagement Program. Wayneisha has completed over 200 hours of intense training and has gained the confidence and support necessary to succeed at anything she touches. She has secured the keys to success as well as the keys to her new permanent home in which she is excited to move into on August 15th!


Opportunity Youth participants will complete over 200 hours of intense training covering the following topics: Employment law, customer service, effective communications and problem solving, and other hard or soft skills training. At the beginning and the end of the training program, all of our participants partake in Mock Interviews to assess their growth and learning over time.


Unfortunately, due to COVID19, the final job placement interviews were cancelled and left us having to create alternatives. Since the pandemic, many of our program participants have received training, coaching and case-management offered both, in-person and virtually.


If you are aware of anyone that may fall into the Opportunity Youth category, we at the SSNC can help! Please contact Aisha Carr at: acarr@ssnc-milw.org


We want to congratulate all of our Opportunity Youth participants. We think you're all heroes for putting in the time and effort it requires to pick yourself up.  We are here for you and thank you for everything you bring to our community! That's why they are our... HEROES OF THE WEEK!

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