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Hero of the Week! (7.10.20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-07-10 12:39:36



This is Tammy Lacy, Site Coordinator for the Continued Learning Center (CLC) located in Thurston Woods. She's also the Site Coordinator this Summer for Browning Elementary.

Many of you probably are lucky enough to know Tammy! She can be seen around our community all the time and has been for almost 5 years. Coordinating programming for K5 through 8th grade with over 80 kids daily, she touches a lot of lives!

The CLC touches so many aspects of our youths' lives. Programming runs the spectrum from mathematics to literacy to mindfulness to playing the piano! Tammy is the woman who coordinates all of the logistics of this incredibly difficult task. It takes a truly special person who cares deeply about this community to keep things running so efficiently. She's both on the front lines and behind the scenes, and we are so grateful to work with her!

She interacts with many of our amazing partners to deliver the services and programming to the kids of our community. Organizations like America SCORES or SHARP Literacy all work hand and hand with Tammy. So when Ryan Braun came to kick off the "Ryan Braun Summer Learning Gain Initiative", who else would be part of that???

Tammy is a priceless part of our programming here at the SSNC. The kids know it, our partners know it, the parents know it, and we're so happy you all know it now! Thank you for your amazing work! That's why she's our... HERO OF THE WEEK!

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