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Hero of the Week! (4.24.20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-04-24 13:55:00

It's time for the SSNC...


This is LaTasha Holt (left), Youth Development Director. With her is the youth leadership council at the SSNC including Keki Robinson, Meya McKinely, and Jaden Funchess.  

While our food pantry remains open during the shutdown, LaTasha started getting messages from some of the kids in her program about food insecurity issues occurring. Some were for their families, others were for kids in the community, others had elderly family who were unable to get to the center for our Friday Senior Stock Boxes. 

LaTasha and the youth leadership decided to take action!

LaTasha and her team mobilized and made stock boxes of their own!

Without hesitation, they went out into our community delivering these to those in need. 

These kids are leaders in our community. The bravery, leadership, and compassion they showed this week was incredible. They really stepped up!

While the Youth Services Department can't have it's regular programming at the center, LaTasha has done an incredible job keeping these youths engaged.

They have daily virtual meetings including Math Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, and Fun Fridays. She's keeping them engaged intellectually, checking in how they are doing, and providing some much needed levity in these uncertain times. 

She has around 116 youths in her program and is engaging with over 50 kids a day!  

 For stepping up to help out their community, we salute this squad of leaders. They are taking things into their own hands, helping out those who need it most. 

That's why they are our...


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