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Hero of the Week! (2.7.20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-02-07 16:44:54

It's time... for the SSNC HERO OF THE WEEK

This is Shaneka Lyons, K5 teacher at Browning Elementary. Shaneka is a devoted mother of four, a loving wife, and one of the most incredible educators you'll ever come across! Shaneka actually attended Browning as a youth, a part of her passion in teaching there. Starting off with an after school program, she then became a child worker, teaching assistant, and has been a full time teacher at Browning for the last 8 years. She is also currently in grad school to get her Master's to someday become a Principal!

We know she is going to be an amazing one! Shaneka comes in every day, ready to educate her class and help throughout the school. She teaches reading, writing, science, social studies, math, and art. She's a regular Renaissance woman! Shaneka says the best part of her job is seeing the progress the kids make throughout the year. To us, that's all you need to know about her and why we salute her for everything she does for the community. She is passionate and caring for the youth, constantly working to open their minds. She's an inspiration in what hard work and passion can achieve.

That's why she is our... HERO OF THE WEEK!

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