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Hero of the Week! (1.10.20)

Posted by Silver Spring Neighborhood Center - 2020-01-28 15:24:18


It's time... for the first ever... SSNC HERO OF THE WEEK!

Every Friday, we at the SSNC would like to highlight some of the amazing things happening in our community of success.

This is SSNC Youth Departments Vice President Jaden Funches!

He is a sophomore at Carmen North West Middle/High School. Jaden holds a 3.2 GPA and is an excellent student. Someday he wants to be an entrepreneur with an specific interest in real estate.

Jaden is helpful, mature, polite, speaks highly of his peers, enjoys being apart of youth council, traveling, and so much more!

We would like to salute Jaden for his hard work and dedication to SSNC Youth Development Department! He is truly a role model here at the SSNC! That's why he is our... HERO OF THE WEEK!

If you have a story of an individual or organization helping to create our community of success, please reach out to Ben Holt at bholt@ssnc-milw.org!

Perhaps they can be our next...

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